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Final Fantasy Union: Episode 84

Versus XIIIPS3X360 by Fozzie

Welcome back to another episode of Final Fantasy Union! This show is riddled with information and discussion. Darryl is joined by Lauren and Spencer and they jump straight into the news (and there's a lot). The Tokyo Game Show recently ended and there is a lot of news to report including a new trailer for FF15; story information for Lightning Returns as well as new costumes and gameplay; Final Fantasy 10 vita bundle announcements and a broad release date announced; Final Fantasy 14 servers are fixed, the announcement of new content for patch 2.1, and Lightning coming to the game; Final Fantasy Agito is coming to mobile platforms.

Next up are your answers to the last Burning Question which was your thoughts on old characters returning to Lightning Returns. You guys all seem excited but are concerned if they will do it well; I guess we'll see. Get your answers in for the next burning question which is "if you could have any Final Fantasy game turned into a musical, which would it be and why?" And then your questions are answered by the crew.

This show has two great questions about what will happen to Square Enix if 15 is a flop and which FF character are they most relatable to. The show ends with a wonderful remix from Final Fantasy 7 that you're sure to enjoy. We hope you enjoyed the longer show and we'll see you again in a few weeks!

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