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Final Fantasy Explorers Force - 2 months ago

Final Fantasy Explorers-Force delayed to Spring 2018 in Japan

Final Fantasy Explorers-Force, the free-to-play follow up to Final Fantasy Explorers for iOS and Android has been delayed in Japan from a 2017 release to a Spring 2018 release. Square Enix stated the delay comes as a result of the team w...

Final Fantasy Explorers Force - 5 months ago

Gen Kobayashi designed the characters of Final Fantasy Explorers-Force, beta begins on Android

Square Enix has begun a beta testing period for the upcoming mobile game, Final Fantasy Explorers-Force in Japan. The beta is for the Android version of the game. The game is still scheduled to launch for iOS and Android in Japan during ...

Final Fantasy Explorers Force - 5 months ago

Check out 28 minutes of Final Fantasy Explorers-Force gameplay

At Tokyo Game Show 2017, Square Enix presented the first gameplay for the upcoming game for iOS and Android, Final Fantasy Explorers-Force. YouTube user Kira A has kindly uploaded 28 minutes of gameplay from it to YouTube and you can che...

Final Fantasy Explorers Force - 6 months ago

Check out the first trailer for Final Fantasy Explorers-Force

Square Enix has finally released the first trailer for Final Fantasy Explorers-Force. The trailer briefly shows gameplay and showcases monsters and characters. We should get more at Tokyo Game Show 2017. Pre-registration in ...

Final Fantasy Explorers Force - 6 months ago

Final Fantasy Explorers-Force director Takahiro Abe will reveal the games first gameplay at TGS

Square Enix has announced that they will be finally revealing more on Final Fantasy Explorers-Force at Tokyo Game Show 2017 on September 21. Director Takahiro Abe (project manager on Final Fantasy Explorers) and Katsuyuki Konishi (voice ...

Final Fantasy Explorers Force - 12 months ago

New Final Fantasy Explorers-Force details released

Square Enix has released some more details on their upcoming mobile game, Final Fantasy Explorers-Force. First, they have confirmed Thief, Monk, Paladin, Time Mage, Ranger, White Mage, Dragoon and Black Mage will be playable Jobs....

Final Fantasy Explorers Force - 1 year ago

Final Fantasy Explorers-Force announced for iOS and Android

Square Enix has announced via the latest issue of Famitsu a follow up to the Nintendo 3DS game, Final Fantasy Explorers. Titled Final Fantasy Explorers-Force, you will be able to team up with up to four other players and transform into various heroes from the Final Fantasy series like in the...