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Echoes Of Time Fails To Impress North American Gamers

WiiDS by Darryl

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time was released earlier this year in Japan, and it had fairly mediocre sales, especially on the Wii. While the DS sales were a bit more admirable, many were unsure how it would perform when released in the Western world.

Estimated sales figures have since appeared following its release on the 24th of March and they aren't exactly great. According to VGChartz the DS version of the game sold approximately 25,000 units in North America and the Wii version sold just under 16,000 units. This is a far-cry from the the Japanese sales, especially for the DS which sold over 4 times less.

It's evident that Echoes of Time was a blatant cash-in, as it was only announced a few months before it was actually released and both sales and reviews have been rather disappointing. Hopefully this doesn't set a new premise for Square Enix as they move forward with their games development.

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