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Burning Question: What're Your Thoughts On Yoichi Wada's Resignation?

by Darryl

First off, I want to apologise for changing up the Burning Question (it was meant to be about the Final Fantasy X teases), but a) this topic is far more applicable, and b) Final Fantasy X got an official reveal!

So, for this month's Burning Question, we want to know your thoughts about the huge news that came out of Square Enix. Yes, we want to know What do you think about the resignation of Yoichi Wada?

Wada has been at the helm throughout the entire duration of Square Enix's existence. His position has always been under scrutiny from fans, but it hasn't all been bad. Actually, when we met up with him in 2009, he seemed like a pretty nice guy. However, now that he's gone, there are going to be some significant changes.

As always, the best responses will be read out on the next episode of the Final Fantasy Union podcast, which will air next Tuesday (16th of April).

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