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Burning Question: Is Square Enix Still Your Main Company For JRPGs?

by Darryl

We had some fantastic discussions on the last podcast about how long everyone has been playing Final Fantasy. Everyone has some great stories to share and there was a definite range.

However, for this episode we want to discuss something a bit further that we stumbled on. So, our Burning Question is... Is Square Enix Still Your Main Company For JRPGs?

It might sound odd, but I know a load of people who play Final Fantasy, but they don't play any other JRPGs. For others, Final Fantasy was an entry to the genre, but they've since decided that there are better offerings out there.

So where do you stand. Do you still look to Square Enix for your JRPG fix, or have you ventured out to other companies like Atlus, Namco Bandai or NIS America?

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