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Burning Question: Are You Convinced By Lighting Returns: Final Fantasy XIII?

PS3X360 by Darryl

Announced a few months ago, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy proposes to end the whole Lightning Saga, which started with Final Fantasy XIII.

However, since the game's announcement, and after surveying the interweb for answers, it seems as though not many people are actually talking about the game. You might occasionally see a trickle of information, but from what we've seen so far, we want to know are you convinced by Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII?.

Now, you could argue that we haven't seen enough to really form an opinion yet. After all, there's been no gameplay footage and when the developers spoke about it, they still said a lot was being decided upon. You could also argue that we're all tired of this saga by now and that Square Enix should just move onto something new.

What say you?

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