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Burning Question: Should Hajime Tabata Stick To Portable Titles?

PSP by Darryl

It's been a while since the last Burning Question, so sorry about that! However, we're back with a bang and this week's question is definitely one for handheld console fans.

Some of the best PSP games were from Square Enix, with titles such as Crisis Core: Final Fantasy, The 3rd Birthday and Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep all coming to mind. For Japanese audiences, there was also Final Fantasy Type-0. The one common factor here is Hajime Tabata, who had a role to play with all of them - directing the non-Kingdom Hearts games.

He has recently expressed an interested in developing a game for the PlayStation Vita, but we want to know if you think Hajime Tabata should stick to portable consoles, or move to home consoles?

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Type-0 Ultimania Guide Reportedly Confirms Overseas Release

PSP by Banaz

The time of uncertainty on the fate of an overseas release for Final Fantasy Type-0 is finally drawn to a close.

Type-0's Ultimania guide contained an interview with the game's director Hajime Tabata stating that he and the staff are currently working on a western version of the game.

Additionally, Tabata mentioned that the team is working on the next installment of the game. Referred to as Type-1, the direct-sequel would feature the same characters and worlds as Type-0. He also expresses his wish to make this title on a console.

Tabata reiterates that the chances of making future titles would all depend on player reaction. So if you would like more titles to follow Type-0, make sure to purchase the game when it comes out.

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Hajime Tabata: Work Already Being Done On Type-1 Framework

Type-0PSP by Colin

Final Fantasy Type-0 game director Hajime Tabata has candidly said work is already being done on the framework for the game's sequel, presumably Final Fantasy Type-1.

In an interview with Famitsu, Tabata revealed that he's currently working on nothing, although he has some ideas brewing, including a sequel to The 3rd Birthday, but he feels that Square Enix will have him work on the next installment of the Type sub-series. According to the interview, a framework for the next game is already underway.

Tabata then stressed his desire to work on a console game next, something he's said before in the past.

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Final Fantasy Type-0: Chance for Western Localization

Type-0PSP by Banaz

It was only a month and a day ago on October 27 that Final Fantasy Type-0 was released in Japan, meanwhile fans in the West continued to wonder when and if the game would ever be localized. Don't give up yet as Producer Yoshinori Kitase may have just flashed us a glimmer of hope.

In an interview regarding Final Fantasy XIII-2, asked Kitase if he could say anything regarding the other two games in the Fabula Nova Crystallis Compilation.

"Type-0, if you should know, was released in Japan last month, so it is finished," Kitase replied quite jovially. "We are currently working on a US and EU version of the game and there will be more about that soon. Versus hasn't come yet in Japan, but there was a trailer last January. We are working very diligently to finish it. You'll hear more from us in the next few months."

While the translation does confirm that Square Enix are working on both a North American and European release for the PSP title, we shall refrain from saying so if only in hopes that nothing was lost in translation.

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Type-0 Director Discusses Differences Between First & Second Playthrough

Type-0PSP by Colin

Final Fantasy Type-0 game director Hajime Tabata recently discussed with Japanese game publication Dengeki PlayStation the different experiences players will get from the first and second playthrough of the upcoming handheld RPG.

Simply put, Tabata states that the first playthrough focuses on the overall world development, whereas players will find in the second playthrough that the game shifts focus to Class Zero, the main cast of characters, with missions that revolve around them.

Tabata also teased a secret ending by confirming its existence without revealing its conditions, else it wouldn’t be a secret ending, now would it?

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Here’s How You Swap Discs In Type-0

Type-0PSP by Colin

Final Fantasy Type-0 is shipping this week in Japan on two UMD discs, meaning that users will have to swap them out at some point. Strangely enough, game director Hajime Tabata revealed to Dengeki PlayStation that the game uses a disc swapping system quite dissimilar from those seen in older multi-disc Final Fantasy releases.

The core of the single player content can found on the first disc, including the first and last chapter. The rest of the game is reportedly allocated to the second disc, where players can hop in and out with friends on multiplayer as well. In order to finish the game, players will have to swap from the second disc back to the first. A strange system indeed.

Tabata notes the reason for employing this system is due to the game’s multiplayer mode. He assured fans that even though the initial disc swap might be early on, it is not because of lesser content.

In other new, changes and improvements have been made to the game's camera, making it less of a nuisance, as well as the phantoma system. Some character balancing has been done as well.

With all that said, there’s still been no word on a Western release after that Blummer last week.

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Voice Actor Lets Slip Final Fantasy Type-0 Localization

Type-0PSP by Colin

It's a fake, move on people and start collecting those rotten eggs.

Original story:
Breaking news people! While still not officially confirmed, it appears that voice actor Steve Blum, best known for his performance as Spike in Cowboy Bebop, has let slip the localization of Final Fantasy Type-0, tweeting that he's started work on voicing King.

The tweet is gone now, although there is a screenshot; however, it's authenticity is up in the air. We'll keep an eye out for you. Meanwhile, check out the final trailer for the Japanese release here.

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Final Fantasy Type-0 Final Trailer

PSP by Banaz

Feast your eyes upon this eleven and a half minute trailer released by Square Enix. The majority of the trailer encompasses Final Fantasy Type-0's gameplay, and gives a good overview of the different kinds everything from the different styles of play for all twelve characters to riding on chocobos and slaying dragons in the sky.

Click the jump for more details.

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