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Final Fantasy XIII Hits 5 Million Copies Shipped

Final Fantasy XIII Hits 5 Million Copies Shipped

Written by Kyle — 10 Mar 2010

Already, Square Enix has announced just how well Final Fantasy XIII did with its North American and European yesterday. In a Japanese press release they proclaimed 5 million units have been, wait for it, shipped worldwide. That includes Japanese shipping numbers, which is somewhere around the 2 million units mark, thus about 3 million copies of Final Fantasy XIII went up for sale at retailers in North America and Europe yesterday.

As usual with shipment numbers, they just mean the number of copies of the game that were made, and sold to retailers by Square Enix; they do not reflect how many copies of the game were actually sold in stores to gamers. Nevertheless, those look like pretty good numbers, pushing the Final Fantasy series to 96 million units shipped worldwide to-date.

No word on the consoles split, but for most series fans, the console sales split will be the most interesting numbers.

Source: Joystiq