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Xbox 360 Version Of Final Fantasy XIII Already Pirated

Xbox 360 Version Of Final Fantasy XIII Already Pirated

Written by Damian — 02 Mar 2010

With Final Fantasy XIII exactly one week from release in the US & Europe, a pirated version of the game has found its way onto the internet. The pirated version is only available on the Xbox 360 due to the PlayStation 3 having superior piracy protection on the Blu-ray disc and console itself.

Many people will remember Modern Warfare 2 being leaked on the Xbox 360 earlier last year, which incidentally was the most pirated game of 2009 with over 4,000,000 illegal downloads confirmed. This huge number of downloads in turn, lead to a mass banning of Xbox Live accounts just a day before the game's release.

Whether this will effect Final Fantasy XIII's sales on the Xbox 360, or how Square-Enix and Microsoft decide to tackle the problem, still remains to be seen. All that is known is that with only seven days left before the game's release, things aren't off to a good start.

Source: Unofficial Final Fantasy Site