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Yoichi Wada Ensures Final Fantasy Will Not Get Exhausted

Yoichi Wada Ensures Final Fantasy Will Not Get Exhausted

Written by Kyle — 15 Nov 2009

In a keynote at the Montreal International Game Summit, Yoichi Wada, CEO and President of Square Enix, spoke to the possibility of Final Fantasy IP being exhausted, specifically Final Fantasy XIII's compilation Fabula Nova Crystallis, and how Square Enix keep the Final Fantasy series as a whole from becoming exhausted.

"Too much IP use is not good." Wada stated, "Having memorable characters and back story is crucial to having a powerful IP."

Wada followed up with a statement referring to Mickey Mouse and how his character has not become exhausted, and people still see the character everywhere after over sixty years.

"As long as there is a world with enough content and story, players will feel comfortable being in the same world for extended periods of time." Wada emphasized the importance of having a very well written back story for the world of the Fabula Nova Crystallis series.

Wada stressed that because of the worlds of Final Fantasy, the series as a whole hasn't become exhausted yet, and still won't into the future of the series.

With the amount of focus Wada had placed on back story and given how long the game has been in development, it's probably safe to say the world of Final Fantasy XIII will be pretty immense.

Jamie Courts and Kyle Wynen of Final Fantasy Union's parent website,, interviewed Yoichi Wada following his keynote, about Final Fantasy XIII. Look forward to the interview going up soon. This article was written by Jamie Courts of