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Square Enix To Reveal New Action Game In April

Square Enix To Reveal New Action Game In April

Written by Darryl — 26 Mar 2009

Word in Japan is that Square Enix are set to announce a brand new action game next month. The rumours emanate from the upcoming issue of Official Playstation Magazine, but little else has been disclosed other than a single screen shot. The screen shows a man with long white hair dressed in black. He has a blue scarf around his waist and is said to carry a giant sword. Sephiroth perhaps? Probably not, as then it would have been quite obvious what the game was connected to.

As yet, the format of this mystery game also hasn't been disclosed, but this should again be announced next month, when the game itself is revealed. Hopefully it will be a new IP that we can really start getting excited about.

Source: PS3 Fan

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