King's Knight release still seemingly awhile away

King's Knight release still seemingly awhile away

Written by Brayden — 28 Feb 2017

Square Enix has released a new notice for King's Knight, the mobile remake of the classic NES game that was announced at Tokyo Game Show 2016.

The notice says the game will undergo a large-scale renewal update and due to this will temporarily suspended all services at 2:00 p.m., March 30, 2017 (AEDT). Confused? Square Enix soft launched the game in November 2016 for Australia.

All players must restart the game after it's re-released. Meaning all your progress will be lost.

Square Enix originally announced the game for a 2016 release and despite the soft launch it was delayed to 2017. The game has not been updated since December 19, 2016.

Square Enix says the resumption of service is scheduled within 2017 and further details will be announced when they are confirmed. After Justice Monsters V and the Final Fantasy Agito/Type-0 Online saga this should come as no surprise.

Source: Square Enix