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Final Fantasy XV Season Pass Revealed Via Digital Premium Edition

Final Fantasy XV Season Pass Revealed Via Digital Premium Edition

Written by Darryl — 02 Aug 2016

It seems as though someone has let the cat out of the bag early, as a Season Pass for Final Fantasy XV has been revealed via the Final Fantasy XV Digital Premium Edition pre-order page on the PlayStation Store.

Hajime Tabata confirmed during his final E3 presentation that there would indeed be DLC in Final Fantasy XV that related to extra story, additional costumes and much more. However, the appearance of the Digital Premium Edition has confirmed that there is a plan large enough to warrant a Season Pass.

There's absolutely no news yet on what will be contained within the Season Pass and Square Enix themselves have not officially commented on the sudden reveal that there even is a Season Pass. We can expect more news with Gamescom on the horizon though, as the game would only be around 6 weeks away at that point and it's likely that Square Enix will want to get people excited for what's just around the corner in the world of Final Fantasy XV.

If you have already pre-ordered via the PlayStation Store, there is also the option to updated to the Season Pass edition. However, this is not available for purchase yet.

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