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Final Fantasy XIV 2.05 Patch Arrives This Week

Final Fantasy XIV 2.05 Patch Arrives This Week

Written by Andrew — 13 Oct 2013

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is seeing an impactful patch this week that players should be aware of. Patch 2.05 will be implemented during a scheduled maintenance that will begin on October 14th at 8:00 pm and conclude on October 15th at 2:00 am (PDT). While most of the patch notes are very vague in how they will alter thing, some we can be certain of.

For those who have noticed the unusually long time getting into the level 50 dungeon Amdapor Keep, Square Enix is introducing new servers as well as enhancements to get rid of congestion.

Along with the changes to Amdapor Keep, all level 50 dungeons will be getting difficulty adjustments. There is no specifics as to if this will be a change to content being harder or easier.

Another big dungeon change being done is in regards to Tomestones. The number of areas that you can obtain Philosophy and Mythology Tomestones will be increased as well as the amount you obtain. Some speculate this could mean an increase in the weekly cap, but nothing is confirmed. Just expect more to drop at this time.

For those with desire for the gold, be aware that significant changes are due for those that make gold from fleece and diremite web. For diremite web, expect to see this resource drop from more locations. On the other hand for fleece, Karakul will be found in more locations.

If the leveling rate of Botany and Mining has you discouraged, be prepared for changes coming. The experienced gained while doing gathering tasks as well as experienced gained from fieldcraft leves will see a boost.

The final big implementation is population caps for individual zones. As a quick fix for the issues that arise during world Fate Bosses like Odin and Behemoth, zones will see player caps. Square Enix has stated this is not a permanent fix, but rather just a temporary resolve.

That sums up most of the patch itself. They note some bug fixes will also be addressed as well, but none are specified. If we hear anything more, we will be sure to post here. So check back for updates. Until then, we'll see you in Eorzea!

Source: The Lodestone