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Meet The Final Fantasy XV Main Cast

Meet The Final Fantasy XV Main Cast

Written by Darryl — 24 Jun 2013

Following on from E3, Square Enix has chosen to share some additional information about the main cast of Final Fantasy XV.

Quite a lot of this was already known, we talked about them on the last episode of the podcast, but here's some additional information about the cast.

First up, we've got Noctis Lucis Caelum. He's the main character of this picture and is apparently bestowed with a mystical power that allows him to see a heavenly light. Friends refer to him as "Noct" and he's also rather brash.

Next, we've got Gladiolus Amicitia. He is from a line that's sworn to protect the crown. Affectionately known as "Gladio", he shares a rather close friendship with Noctis.

Ignis Scientia is next. He is said to have the unwavering voice of reason, offering logic to most situations. He helps to smooth over Noctis' brash behaviour.

Prompto Argentum is the fourth member of this motley crew. He's described as a "puckish playboy" and got to know Noctis during their school days. Because of this, he's seen as an outsider, as he has no royal bloodline.

Cor Leonis rounds out the cast. He's apparently a living of Lucian lore and is a Lord Commander. He is extremely devoted to the crown, but isn't too pleased about having to look after Noctis and his band of brothers.

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