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Square Enix Unveils Final Fantasy XV

Square Enix Unveils Final Fantasy XV

Written by Darryl — 11 Jun 2013

I'm sensing a bit of deja vu here, because Square Enix just announced during Sony's E3 2013 press conference that Final Fantasy Versus XIII would be rebranded as Final Fantasy XV.

Why the deja vu? Well, this supposedly happened a year ago almost to the day, when a creative student did the rebrand himself during a university course. That was dismissed as a fake by Square Enix, but it seems like they took a little bit of inspiration after all.

This is pretty big news, as it was one of the major announcements from the Sony press conference, along with Kingdom Hearts III.

The showing during the Sony conference confirms that Versus XIII (Final Fantasy XV) has indeed been postponed to the PlayStation 4, meaning it's missed an entire console generation during its development.

Thoughts? You can view the trailer below:

[[YouTube? &video=`P3xKbPooKAo`]]

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