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Square Enix Unveil Final Fantasy: ATB

Square Enix Unveil Final Fantasy: ATB

Written by Darryl — 17 Jan 2013

Square Enix posted up a rather interesting teaser the other day. Some people thought it might be an iOS port of Final Fantasy V or Final Fantasy VI, but it's now been revealed as a new game called Final Fantasy: All The Bravest.

This is yet another game for the iOS platform and it focusses around the classic ATB system that's featured in many Final Fantasy games throughout the years.

There are loads of different characters and jobs available and you can use a ton of different characters in each battle, but the game seems to be all based around in-app purchases.

Yes, that's right. While the game will only cost $3.99 in North America, there are an additional 35 characters to purchase that cost £0.99 each. You can also buy some additional scenarios from Final Fantasy VII, X and XIII for $3.99 each. If you add it all up, it becomes rather pricey.

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