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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Jump Festa Trailer Leaked

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Jump Festa Trailer Leaked

Written by Alex — 20 Dec 2012

With Jump Festa 2013 drawing near, Square Enix has prepared the first trailer for the "final" part of the Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy. The trailer shows off a whole new city for Lightning to explore as well as some new platforming elements and that the game would be released in 2013.

Being a debut trailer, there was little revealed about the story except that Lightning has thirteen days to save the world. However, we don't who or what to save it from.

Another focus of the trailer is the modified battle system. The HUD is much larger as Lightning will only fight on her own and the Auto-Battle system has been replaced with four available commands that are dependent on your current Paradigm. Paradigm Shifts also seem to be much quicker in this game than in XIII-2 as the flashy pose performed during shift has been removed.

The trailer seems to be timed for Jump Festa on December 22nd but it was accidentally revealed to the world a little early. A website broke embargo and showed it publicly. A fan posted the video to Youtube where it has been removed.

Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns has been announced for 2013 for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

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Source: Siliconera