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Final Fantasy XIV Chocobos And Airships Detailed

Final Fantasy XIV Chocobos And Airships Detailed

Written by Colin — 22 Sep 2011

Patch 1.19, which now has a release date of September 30 - for now, will see many new additions to Final Fantasy XIV, two of which include chocobo mounts and airships. We reported on the two earlier when they were first teased, but Square Enix have since released detailed information on what to expect.

Adventurers will be able to acquire their very own personal chocobo steed (or rent one), which will allow them to explore Eorzea at blistering speeds. The first thing adventurers need to do is to enlist in a Grand Company and achieve a rank higher than recruit. They can then acquire a chocobo issuance for 3,000 company seals.

Adventurers can then speak with the NPC stablemasters to receive their summoning whistles, found at each of the three major cities: Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (7, 5), Gridania (6, 5) and the Ul'dah Merchant Strip (6, 3). Chocobos can be named, but Square Enix is quick to point out that all company chocobos are male. If adventurers aren't able to acquire their own chocobo, they can always rent them for a limited amount of time for a fee of 800 gil.

In addition, future patches will introduce a customizable barding system as well as a system for developing your own chocobo.

Moving onto airships, these flying transports will act in a similar nature to the ships that port at Limsa Lominsa, save for that it connects all three major cities. Adventurers need simply pay for the trip in gil. Departure and arrivals will feature cutscenes. Once again, future patches will enable players to venture around the airship itself.

Source: Lodestone