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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Theme Song Singers Revealed

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Theme Song Singers Revealed

Written by Banaz — 19 Sep 2011

Come and meet your not one, but two theme song singers for Final Fantasy XIII-2: Mai Fukui and Charice.

These two ladies will be preforming the theme song for the upcoming title but not as a duet; they'll each be preforming a different variation to the song, same background music but with different lyrics and arrangements.

Fukui will be preforming Yakusoku no Basho, roughly translates to "Promised Place", for the Japanese PS3 version of the game. Meanwhile, Charice will sing New World for the Japanese Xbox 360 and the worldwide PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game.

If you want, you can catch a glimpse of Fukui's version of the theme song on the Final Fantasy XIII-2 PS3 Trailer that debuted at the Tokyo Game Show 2011.

Source: Andriasang