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Final Fantasy XV Demo Announced

by Fozzie

Finally, some more information on Final Fantasy XV has been released. According to reports, a Final Fantasy XV demo titled "Episode Duscae" will be released some time in early 2015.

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Sakaguchi: I Hated Square

by Darryl

As fans of Final Fantasy, we owe Hironobu Sakaguchi quite a lot. He was the driving force behind the Final Fantasy franchise for many years and it's a shame to hear about how his relationship with the company soured towards the end.

The financial failure of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within has been public knowledge for a while now and it's clear that this formed part of his decision to leave. Despite the huge financial success of the Final Fantasy franchise as a whole, Sakaguchi felt that the ethos of the company had changed over the years.

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'Dive In' to Final Fantasy XIII On Your Smartphone


Ever wanted to play Final Fantasy XIII, but couldn't get the console to do so? Well Square Enix have now announced a brand new streaming service in Japan called "Dive In" where gamers can play games like FFXIII on their Smartphone.

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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD To Ditch Multiplayer Content

Type-0 by Fozzie

For those of you hoping to get the same experience in Final Fantasy Type-0 as those who have played the Japanese version, Square Enix have now confirmed that Final Fantasy Type-0 HD will not contain the Multiplayer portion of the game.

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