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Uematsu Wants To Create A New RPG With The Final Fantasy VI Team

by Darryl

Legendary composer Nobuo Uematsu has gone on record stating that he wants to create a new 2D RPG with the core team behind Final Fantasy VI.

The quote came from a rather interesting interview that was conducted in Kyoto as part of the Lapis Dream Orchestra concert. Uematsu was reminiscing about how he met Sakaguchi. This then led into Final Fantasy VI, which he feels contains many of his favorite tracks and before long, he was talking about how it'd be great to make another game with the team of Final Fantasy VI.

You see, Uematsu feels that a lot more could have been achieved.

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Fans Uncover Hidden Content Within Final Fantasy XIII On PC

FFXIII by Darryl

Some rather keen fans have been digging around on the newly released PC version of Final Fantasy XIII and found some of the unfinished content that ultimately was cut from the final product.

The uncovered area is known as the Seventh Ark (Concealed Vestige) and looks like some kind of dungeon. Within it, there is a Nemesis which is similar to one of the fal'Cie that's encountered near the start of the game.

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