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Casual Final Fantasy Cosplay: Prompto (Final Fantasy XV)

by Fozzie

Greetings to all you Casual Cosplay people out there! It's sunday which means it's time for another Casual Final Fantasy Cosplay where I gather up items of clothing found around the internet to help you all create your very own casual cosplays while also helping to keep you from breaking the bank.

See Last Week's Post - Yeul (Final Fantasy XIII-2)

Last week's post was the very sultry and beautiful Yeul from Final Fantasy XIII-2. This week I've decided to go with something a bit more edgy and chose Prompto from Final Fantasy XV.

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Casual Final Fantasy Cosplay: Yeul (Final Fantasy XIII-2)

by Fozzie

Welcome all to another edition of Casual Final Fantasy Cosplay where I scour the internet looking for items to create casual cosplays of all your favorite Final Fantasy characters.

Last week, I introduced my sketches addition with Gippal. This week, I've done it again with Yeul so hopefully it'll provide some insight into how I picture this outfit working together.

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