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Final Fantasy Interview: Ali Hillis (MCM Expo 2015)

by Fozzie

We had a blast at this year's MCM Expo, but the clear highlight for us was getting to FINALLY meet the lovely Ali Hillis in person and conduct a face-to-face interview with.

This marks the fourth time we have interviewed Ali (but who's counting?), but this one was a little bit different from our previous interviews. To start off, it wasn't conducted via the internet, but it also wasn't tied into the release of a Final Fantasy XIII game. It meant we were able to be a bit more open with the questions and we feel it's a fun, albeit short, interview.

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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Interview: Bryce Papenbrook

by Fozzie

Welcome all to another Final Fantasy Type-0 HD interview that us at Final Fantasy Union conducted with Square Enix. This time we're joined with Bryce Papenbrook who plays Machina Kunagiri.

Links to the interview after the jump!

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