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Burning Question: Thoughts About Toriyama's Recent Comments?

Burning Question: Thoughts About Toriyama's Recent Comments?

Written by Darryl — 29 Jul 2013

It's been a little while since the last Burning Question, but this one is rather interesting because of some new comments from the director of Lightning Returns.

To preface, Final Fantasy XIII has been all about the role of Lightning as a strong female role model. Final Fantasy XIII-2, was a little bit more "fan service", but Lightning's integrity was still protected... until now, that is.

TL;DR. Toriyama has actively increased Lightning's breast size for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII and they've also added jiggle physics. Toriyama also said (via Nobuhiro Goto) that he wishes he could make Lightning's boobs bigger and there were even fake jovial comments about him wanting to make a Lightning dating sim. It's all getting a little weird.

So, this week's Burning Question is... what're your thoughts about Toriyama's recent comments about Lightning?

As always, post your comments in the response to this and the best ones will be read out on the next episode of Final Fantasy Union!

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