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Noctis Lucis Caelum

Final Fantasy Versus XIII

Playable Character / Protagonist

Noctis is the prince of the last remaining dynasty that is tasked with protecting the Crystals. However, many others also want these Crystals and Noctis is tasked with defending his Kingdom from those who wish to seize control.

Through using the Crystal's power, Noctis can fight with unearthly power. He wields various weapons ranging from swords to firearms and he can also manipulate them using telekinesis abilities. He also has the ability to teleport, although it hasn't been disclosed what the overriding factor of this ability is.

Also interesting to note is that Noctis' hair and eyes change colour depending on which weapon he is using.

Strong Bonds

Fortunately, Noctis isn't alone in his defence of the Crystals and he has various companions who come to his assistance. None have been given names thus far, but it is known that his family operates in a similar fashion to a mafia organisation.

Stella, whom he met at an art exhibit seems to be reluctant to engage in conflict with Noctis, but unfortunately she has no choice.