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Arnie Roth 'Announces' Final Fantasy XII Remake

by Darryl

Arnie Roth, best known for conducting the Distant Worlds concerts, has just let the cat out of the bag by claiming a Final Fantasy XII Remake is in development and that it would be releasing "soon".

The slip came during one of Arnie's interim talks between songs. Following a brief talk about the Final Fantasy VII remake, Roth went on to say "and there's a Final Fantasy XII remake underway too, that's coming out soon."

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Announcing the FFU/FFUK Fan Gathering!

by Darryl

We are super excited to announce that we are teaming up with Final Fantasy UK Fans ( to put on an event to celebrate Final Fantasy and bring fans of this amazing franchise together.

It’s something we have been planning for some time now with Chris and Sunil from FFUK Fans and both Lauren and I are extremely pleased we’ve been able to get everything sorted and that we can put on this event for our communities.

The event will be taking place in LONDON, ENGLAND, on the 12th of September to tie-in with Final Symphony II, which will be happening that same evening. The plan is to open our doors at 9:45am, with the event then running until 3:00pm. As the event will be located centrally, approximately 10 minutes’ walk from Waterloo Station, this will give attendees plenty of time to make their way to the Barbican to enjoy a wonderful evening of music!

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