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Latest 'Tabata's Active Time Report' Released With English Subbing

by Fozzie

The Square Enix Active Time Report is no longer. They have now changed their name to 'Tabata's Active Time Report', but as Tabata was away at Paris Games' Week, this latest episode of the Square Enix report features some other guests alongside host/Manager of Marketing Division Akio Ofuji.

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Final Fantasy Union: Episode 98: Final Quiz Of The Year!

by Darryl

Final Fantasy Union Episode 98 has finally arrived, after we had to delay it due to a rather impromtu visit to the hospital last week! Everything is all good now though and it means Lauren and I have plenty of time to talk about our various travels in the past month.

To start off, we talk about going to the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival in London. We know a lot of people also went to that and thanks for all your comments on the video Lauren put together! In addition, we also had the chance to go to the A New World and Distant Worlds concerts, which were both awesome!

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